Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This evening has been very...eventful. Nathan flew out this afternoon for an auditor's conference so it was All Girl's Night at the Blais'. Anna Jane fell asleep on the way home and slept right through the move to her crib and me making dinner. After having to wake her up, she ate an entire dish of carrots and surprisingly an entire dish of pears. While she was playing with a new toy from Nana, I was just about done with the dishes when I thought I heard Anna Jane talking. Now, talking at our house is no surprise and Anna "talking" is no surprise either. But this time it sounded different. So I turned off the water and headed to the living room where she was playing. Sure enough she was actually saying something. This was the first time I'd ever heard her say something in syllable form and not just cooing or squealing. I grabbed the Flip, which is awesome btw, and this is what resulted*:

Now, I'm no linguistics expert, but that sounds like MaMa to me. I'm kind of surprised, because Nathan and I have actually been working on "Dada" more. And I also had a hunch she might actually say "Nana" first. Not because we've been practicing, but because my mom promised Anna Jane a big savings account in her name if that was her first word. Apparently, my child can't be bought. Yet.

So after getting the second time she said it on video, we called Daddy to share the good news. Then Anna Jane celebrated her achievement by pooping in the ducky tub. *sigh* Motherhood is a roller coaster. Ups and downs all in a matter of 45 minutes.

*Sorry, for the lengthy intro, but I wanted to remember exactly what we were doing when Anna said her first words. I know. I'm a dork.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Because Jessica's not the boss of me...

I'm entering this contest without her approval. I hope I win. Then Anna Jane can have six month pictures. Two months late.

Go here for your chance to win too.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seven swans a swimming...

Or seven ducks a swimming.
Or just 1 big duck and a 7 month old.

Yep! You heard right. 7 months! And to celebrate her 7 month b-day, Anna Jane got her very own big girl bathtub; complete with quacking beak. And momma? Well, she got her very own splash-free kitchen back. Yes!

Bath time is always a favorite and now the splashing can be frequent and uninhibited.

7 month stats:

(sigh) Where to begin? The girl loves it. As in, all day-nothing better-plan your life around-mom and dad going broke-loves it. The day starts with a 4 oz shot of the ole dried milk flakes in a can; followed 30 minutes later by a huge bowl of oatmeal at the daycare because GAH! we're starving her at home. Then a little veggie action mid-morning followed by a big 6 ouncer before nap time. And well, all that sleeping really works up an appetite. So another 6 ounces it is. And because no ride home from the d.c. is fun without a little background screaming and by gosh the world is going to end if you even take your heels off first, another round of veggies is in order immediately.

Oh, but we're not done. The veggies are not enough. No, we must have more. NOW! But, heaven forbid you even waive that nasty, no good, I'm gonna use this bib to strangle myself if you even waive that fruit near this high chair. I demand more veggies and more veggies only. You can say yum yum, pretend to eat, mix something in it, stand on your head, do the hokey pokey, whatever. But, nothing by the name of applesauce, peaches, or pears is going in this mouth. I will, however, take another 6 oz of that formula before I retire for the night.

Faves: Peas, green beans, carrots, squash and sometimes sweet potatoes.
Hates: Anything other than her faves.

*Playing with kitchen utensils.
*Playing "Taggie-On-The-Head" with The Nana.
*Finger painting at school.
*Listening to BNL with Daddy.
*Taking walks with mommy.
*The YMCA water park in Wichita.
*Any and every thing the cousins do.

*Being left in a room by herself.
*Staying in the car-seat.
*Having face wiped after meals.
*Taking a nap at the exact time that Mommy just happens to watch a movie.
*The no-splash zone during bath time.

Other highlights from this month:

*Officially sleeps through the night!
*Has three teeth. All on the bottom center.
*Graduated to 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
*Turns her head to someone calling her name.
*Does "The Penguin" when excited or happy.
*Sits up unassisted and finally puts weight on her legs when you hold her.
*Recognizes familiar songs. Especially, Skinamarink and ABC's.

As always, a few pics from the past month. Because, really, my writing creativity was left at the hospital as a barter agreement for the nurse to hand over my baybeh.

Whipping up a little treat for Nana.
Something that requires a salad spinner, juicer and spatula.

Cousin time! aka The Semi-Annual Long Leg Summit.

What were people saying about Anna Jane looking like Nathan? Hmmm... I'm thinking these two have Bradshaw written all over 'em.

First time zoo friends. And as always, Colt can't keep his hands off her.

Anna Jane, Daddy is fibbing to you. He has NEVER caught a fish that big.

Baby sitting night. The only 30 minutes it took for me to realize
there was a reason God didn't give me twins.

PJ play time with the mom-ster.

It should be illegal to be this cute.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Belly Laughs

Daddies always know the silly noises to make lazy mornings fun.

Girls Night is always full of good food, virgin pina colodas, girl talk, smiles and lots and lots of laughs. Especially when your cousins find your perfect tickle spot.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All we are saaaayin'... give peas a chaaaaance.

Yeah, Um. What is this?

Hmm. Not half bad.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Half Pint

Is it possible that my sweet girl has been with us for half of a year already? Our Anna Jane is 6 months old today! This month it seems like she has turned from a little baby into a big girl; complete with big girl attitude. She's really started to interact with everyone and everything around her. And by interact, I mean grabbing at ev-er-y-thing! If she sees it, she wants it. In her mouth. She has also learned to sit up and within the past week can last pretty long on her own before toppling to the side or back when someone walks in the room and she looks up to see them.

Her six month check-up was today and she got glowing reviews; minus the pouty lip frown she gave the nurse when we walked in. My girl's a smart one. She knows where the shots come from. Anna Jane is currently 19 lbs 4 oz (about 98%) and 28in tall (100+%). I guess Nathan and I expected her to be a little taller. She's always so long compared to her classmates, jammies and dresses are always too short (we're in 12mo clothes just for length purposes) and her feet are just barely over the edge of her car seat. The doc was impressed by how well she can sit up unassisted and he cleared us for veggies. I think the people most excited about this are her daycare teachers. They have been chomping at the bit to feed her green beans and peas for almost a month now. So this weekend, we'll see how it goes. My guess is she'll hate peas just as much as her mommy and daddy do. Although, maybe she'll take after her namesake and love them like her Aunt Jane. Blech.

6 month highlights:

Still 6oz of formula with an occasional 8oz before bedtime. This month she's really taken off with the cereal eating. We were a little concerned until we figured out that she just doesn't like rice cereal. So oatmeal it is for our girl. She eats a big bowl everyday at school and then she's hit and miss for the dinner portion. And can I just add that I may be the worst solid food feeder of all time. Nana never makes a mess, the teachers don't make a mess, only me.

* Her feet. Those puppies are the most fun, best tasting things on the planet.
* Books she can eat.
* (sigh) Farting noises.
* Watching TV.
*Peek-A-Boo. Especially with Mrs. Brooke.
* Swimming. Score!

*SLEEPING!!! Nathan made me take this out last month since she was actually doing pretty good. But, this month? It stays in! This may have been the worst month for sleeping since we brought her home. We are LITERALLY up to put her paci back in a minimum of 15 to 20 times a night. Things are looking up though. We've received lots of advice from friends and we may have paci-free sleeping by next month's update.
*Not being able to see you. Can we say separation anxiety?

Favorite Songs:
*Okay, don't laugh. But, the girl loves Gwen Stefani. She loves for mommy or daddy to sing the B-A-N-A-N-A-S part of Holla Back Girl.
* She's also been known to giggle while mommy jams to a little Lady Gaga in the car.

A few pics from the past month:

First time on a park swing. She likes it!

My Nana buys me the best books. See?

Hey Colt, why are our parents trying to give us a bath outside and they keeping calling it "swimming"? And, why are we wearing clothes?

Daddy's Girls

C'mon Anna Jane. We could totally bust out of this joint while their not looking.

Monday, June 29, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, Pink Fish, Blue Fish

With temperatures in the 100s, there's little relief from the sweltering heat and the poor AC only gets a break between 3 and 5am until the sun comes up again. So, Nathan and I decided to do the responsible thing and do our part to conserve energy and keep our house cool by not drying any of our clothes. Well, not exactly. Our 19 year old dryer finally died. Thus, forcing us to invade a friend's house to complete a couple of loads for the work week.

This gave us a perfect opportunity to try out the new giraffe pool at the Anderson's. It was the first time for both Colt and Anna Jane to go swimming. Looks like we have a couple water babies! Which at least for Anna Jane is a good thing. The Bradshaw clan doesn't take water lightly. You practically have to ski by the age of 6. Okay, Okay, 8. But, still. Water is a requirement. Ask Nathan. He had to learn to float in the lake for a minimum of 5 hours at a time before we were permitted to say "I do". To this day, I still don't know why he puts up with us.

Our lil' fishies in action. Be sure to listen for Colt's Ewok giggle. And always the lady, Anna Jane has a more subtle chuckle to listen for when her swimmin' buddy gets excited.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 years!

Dear Nathan,

It's hard to believe that it has only been four years since we promised to be together forever. Most people wonder where the time went. When I look back, I wonder how we have crammed so much into the almost 10 years we've been together. On this, our fourth wedding anniversary, I want you to know that I love you more today than I thought imaginable standing at the altar staring up at you. You are my very best friend and honestly the most understanding person I know. And I know that I'm pretty hard to understand.

Thank you for following my every whim. Thank you for always supporting me when I start something and then quit and then start it again. Thank you for making so much effort to turning our house into the home that it is. Thank you for sticking with me in all of the hard, busy, and stressful times when I know I'm not easy to stick with. Thank you for leaving notes for me and writing poems for me and for switching cars with me so I don't have to put gas in mine. Thank you for always vacuuming and never making me clean the bathrooms. Thank you for making our yard the best on the block. Thank you for paying all of our bills and transferring money in our account since I never can remember our account number. Thank you for staying up late to study and for always calling me on your way home to see if I need anything. Thank you for loving my family. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift I could have ever asked for, Anna Jane. Thank you for loving her and talking to her every morning so I can hear her laugh while getting ready for work. Thank you for staying up to give her her last bottle so that I can go to sleep. Thank you being protective of her and researching ways to help her sleep better and eat better. Thank you for secretly planning special times that we can spend together even when we don't have much time. Thank you for my Chi.

Thank you for all of the other joys you have brought to my life over the years. I love you and look forward to another year of things to be thankful for.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Girl Stroller

This is how I roll...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

5 Dollar footlonnng...

No, this post isn't about cold cut combos. Although, it was one of the only things I craved while pregnant. That and Diet Coke with lime. No, I just get that dang Subway jingle in my head every time I think of what today is; Anna Jane's 5-month birthday. 5 months! Can you believe it? I sure can't. That's like 1 month away from 6 months, which is halfway to the 1 year mark , which is just 17 more years until I might actually get a full night of sleep again. Oh, how the time has flown.

5 month stats:

*6 oz. Today marks when Anna is supposed to start having rice cereal twice a day. Sounds easy enough. However, she refuses to eat it even once a day. The poor teachers at her daycare have quite a time coercing her to even swallow a couple of bites. I just don't know where she gets her stubbornness from. (wink wink). And she definitely got her eating habits from her dad. That girl is the slowest eater. And don't event THINK of feeding her while the TV is on.

*Grabbing for toys, necklaces, hair, hands.
*Chewing on the burp cloth.
*Doing crunches. ALL the time. (One reason I sometimes think we brought the wrong baby home. Nobody in this family exercises on a regular basis. If it weren't for her dad's chin and my pinkie toe, I would be convinced that she was switched at birth with the true Blais baby.
*Curling in a ball and grabbing her feet. Especially in the car seat and in her crib.
*Superbaby with Mommy.
*3-2-1 Blastoff with Daddy.
*Kissing noises. MMMMUah!
*Tummy Zerberts
*Sitting on your lap and lunging herself back and forth.

*Tummy time. Still.
*Putting weight on her legs. I told the daycare teachers, "Homegirl ain't stupid. She knows how much she weighs."
*Anyone messing with her mouth in any way shape or form. (this includes medicine, orajel, showing off the teeth, using a spoon etc.)

Favorite Songs:
Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink
The Good Morning song

Other Stuff:
*Anna Jane has almost (if not already) outgrown the 29 inch limit on her infant car seat, so Nathan and I are in the process of researching a new one. Thus bringing us to now having to put her in a highchair when eating out. And thus bringing us to never eating out again.
*Ever since she came to the age when she should be rolling over - she won't. It seems she thinks to herself, "It was only special when no one else my age could do it. And I'm an above average kind of girl, so there's no need for that anymore." *sigh*
*Anna Jane is not fond of laying on the floor. Tummy or back. She wants to constantly be sitting up, mostly in some one's lap, where she can see all the action.
*She is starting to realize the difference between someone being there and not being there. She knows when she's alone in the room and does NOT like it. And as a child related to me, she lets you know when she doesn't like something.

For your viewing pleasure and to torture her when she's older, here's a video of Anna Jane completing her daily exercises and one of her playing with Daddy. Ignore the commentary. I don't know who the two dorks that filmed it are:

No need for a trainer:

Anna playing with Daddy:

For the grandparents. Anna ate solids. Once.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pearly Whites

Or maybe I should say pearly nubs. Whatever you call them, Anna Jane's got 'em. Two of them in fact. Right in the center on the bottom.

She's been a little fussy lately, but Nathan and I figured it had to do with a lingering ear infection and the end of a bout with croup. But, as the fussiness continued and the never-ending gnawing began, teething was looking more and more like the culprit for a normally laid back baby. Sure enough, after a quick glance into her mouth, I discovered on Saturday morning that our nearly five month old has already started teething. Then tonight, after her bath, I was taking a look at her little white nub and realized that she has another little "toopher" poking out right next to it.

You would think that after being a mom for almost five months, that this would change, but it hasn't. I still think to myself, "Hmmm. Those other 5,647 moms that I've ever talked to in my life were right." Right on cue, Anna Jane has displayed all of the characteristic symptoms including drooling everywhere, chewing on everything, inconsolable crying, not eating and just simply not acting like herself. More than once during a screaming fit the past couple of days she has given me the saddest little face ever. Simply a look that says, "Mommy, help me." Ugh. It just breaks my heart.

I'm still pointing fingers at all of those moms in my life that neglected to tell me: "Hey. Liz. You should know that being a mom is the hardest darn thing I've done in my life. You will experience more ups and downs. You will cry more. You will smile more. You will never sleep again (this one I actually did hear. once). You will get over your fear of baby spit, throw-up and boogers and you will worry more than you ever thought possible." And for all of you other moms in my life that didn't neglect to tell me: "Liz, being a mom will be the absolute greatest thing you will ever experience."; I would have to say to you, I completely agree.

Now, I must end this and go apply a little pink glob of goo to the inside of my daughter's mouth. Glamorous.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May Day! May Day!

It may be time to channel my inner Police and start sending out an S.O.S. For my blog.

I know I haven't blogged in almost a month, but to be honest, I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to say. Well, I take that back. I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to say the past month that didn't have something to do with:
*the five trips we took to the doctor
*the four medications Anna Jane has been on
*the three pairs of pants that I can no longer fit into
*the two plus twenty thank you cards I need to write and
*the one pan of brownies that I "made for my brother." (Hence the pants that don't fit.)

No. Actually the month of May was crazy busy for the Blais'. We had family in from Maine, a brother-in law graduation, Anna Jane's baptism, Mother's Day, Leave the baby with Liz while Nathan parties for three days weekend, family golf day, Nana's birthday, Sushi Club, Book Club, and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee. Throw in a couple big projects at work and a Human Resources conference and that about rounds out the past 31 days.

The biggest struggle of the month, though, would have to be the unending stream of viruses and other illnesses at our house. Poor Anna Jane has had a virus, an ear infection, the croup, the same ear infection again, and a month-long bout with congestion. Nathan and I expected a lot of illness the first year, but we had no idea that she would only attend daycare about half the time we were actually paying for it. I have to give props to my husband, though, who had to bear the brunt of nursing our little one to health. With no time off built up yet after maternity leave, I had to stick it out at my desk just wishing I could be at home snuggling with sick baby. I think Nathan and I figured up that we may have enough leave time to take a vacation in 2017. Although, if we ever consider having another one, it may be 2034.

We're coming up on Anna Jane's 5 month bday and as usual hope to have all of her stats for anyone interested; mainly her grandparents and the two girls at work who even still read this little blog. In the meantime, enjoy a few pics from the past month.

Because I'm a weirdo, I decided to challenge myself to making all of the picture descriptions start with "M" for May. Yes, I probably should be medicated.

"A Morning Montage"

"Muffin Top"


"Monday Night Must-Do"

"MMMMMuah!" (Ya know you wanna kiss my cheeks)

"My mom may never get me into this jacket again pic"

"Meteorology Buddies" (Yes, they are watching a tornado)

"Milestones!" (The first night Nathan & I saw Anna Jane reach for toys.)

"Meeting my Memere from Maine" (That's 3 Ms!)

"Mom and daughter Facebook time"

"My Pepere from Maine"

"My special times with Memere"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Look who's 4 months old!

We're due for shots next week, so we'll have to get exact stats then, but a quick sick visit for a terrible cough revealed that Ms. Anna Jane is 16 lbs. And judging by the complete bypass of 6 month sleepers to 9 month sleepers due to poking toes, I'm guessing she is still in the 100th+ percentile for length. ***Adding for my own record: Anna was 27 inches at her 4 month check-up putting her above the 100th percentile for height, about 95% for weight and 50% percentile for head circumference.

A few 4 month stats before I go to bed:

Formula: 6 oz (Next week will probably be the start of cereal. And not the Raisin Bran kind)

Watching TV. (I'm serious y'all. It could be a problem how much this girl likes sports and weather radars)
Pooping at restaurants. (Especially ones without changing tables in the men's room.)
The "Sprinkler" on the changing table with Daddy.
The jumperoo.

The nasal aspirator. (Holy Cow! You'd think the world was coming to an end.)
Tummy Time. (We may never crawl.)
Grabbing for toys like ALL of the other babies in daycare. (sigh...)
Getting her hair washed.

Anna Jane's month has been cram-packed with lots of activities, visitors, and a non-stop stuffy nose. I'm actually looking forward to a slower pace with Nathan out of school for a couple of weeks and things not as busy at my work. Maybe it will make for more family time and the return of evening book time and lazy Saturday mornings playing and smiling in bed. And maybe, just maybe, more blogging. But I make no promises. I know I've been lacking in the blogging department, but I only get 2 1/2 hours most days with my little girl and I really prefer to spend it with HER in my lap and not the computer.

A few more pics from her 4 month bday:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To which I responded both times with a simple, Ugh.

Real life convos from last night:

Me: Did you see these invitations for Anna's Baptism?
Nate: Uh huh.
Me: Do you think they're cute? Do you like the yellow?
Nate: Yeah. I told you yesterday that I liked them.
Me: Hmmm. Really? That's funny. Because I just bought them today.
Nate: Oh.

Me (Sunday night): I'm putting the popcorn from Renee's wedding in the same box with the low-fat popcorn. Just letting you know for when you want it.
Nate: Okay.

Nate (Monday night): I'm hungry. What do we have to eat?
Me: Not much. Oh. You can have some of that popcorn from Renee's wedding.
Nate: Good idea! (searching...searching...)
Nate: Where is it?
Me: I'm not telling you.

A friend recommended a book titled, "Listening is an Act of Love". Popcorn and invites aren't really a big deal. But, I am hereby stating on my little blog, so I have witnesses, that I want a Chi hair straightener for Mother's Day. This way I can write my own book titled,"Listening is Overrated. Gifting Expensive Hair Products is the True Act of Love".

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter! (five days late)

Yeah, so I should have posted this last Sunday, but to be honest, I was super busy in the afternoon sleeping off Steve's Rib after Mass. My family actually celebrated Easter a day early. We're cool like that. Or just really busy. Take your pick.

Some pics from what I refer to as Easter 2009 (aka Aunt Jane weekend):

The fam at Ole's.
Nothin' says "No Meat Good Friday" like a little queso and a sopapilla.
Fine! A sopapilla AND a HALF. Whatever.

Gimme some cousin love.

Anna should have a onesie that says,
"My Aunt Jane just THINKS she loves me more than I love her."

Anna and her Aunt Pam and soon to be Godmother.
THE NANA. 'Nuff Said.

Apparently, we all thought it was a good idea to take all of our pictures in the same two spots.

"I may be a Daddy's girl, but my Mommy can make me smile too."
Seriously, y'all. That is one cute baby, no?

Anna and her Easter loot from the Grand-rents and Ze Bunnee.
Emily, we too went the book route.

I'm sure there's a good reason why I have no pictures of Miss Anna Jane in her Easter dress by herself, despite having worn it for half a day on two different days. I'm thinking it may have to do with the aforementioned nap. Oh, well. I'm sure homegirl has a lot of Easter dresses to come.