Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grown-Up Date Night

5:15pm Haircut/Style ... Because you always have to have sexy date hair.

6:15pm Dinner at City Bites w/ Brother in Law ... Because candlelight is overrated but CB cookies never are.

7:05pm $1(.75) Movie ... Because old people are nicer at this theatre than the 15 year olds at the other one.

10:15pm Bed ... Because being a grown-up is tiring.

6:30am Wake up ... Because we went to bed at 10:15. Duh!

We're livin' on the edge people.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine!

Know what I love more than an 87lb. cat catapulting off of my full bladder every morning at 5:30? Spilling an equally heavy, brand new $14 bag of cat food all over the carpet I just had steam cleaned two weeks ago. Oh, and I love the smell of the weight/hairball control nuggets still on my hands after three hand washings, a shower, and two bouts with the hand sanitizer on my desk.

Maybe if I stick my hand in this tiny cup of sugar-free syrup I have to go with my leftover pancakes, I won't want to gag anymore. It's gonna be a GREAT day!