Friday, August 29, 2008

Lake Bums

Nathan and I will be headed off to Lake Texoma for some family fun. Thank goodness my husband loves me so much that he sprang for a motel instead of making me sweat it out in the tent. When it's hot, that thing makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in cellophane and someone is blowing a hairdryer on me. Not to mention the fact that EVERY time we stay in our tent, it inevitably rains; no matter what my handy weatherman predicts.

It should be fun. I love going to the lake. This year will be a little bit of a downer, though, since I won't be able to partake in all the jet-ski action. I totally asked the baby-doc and he looked at me kind of strange and mumbled, "uhhh.. No." Whatev. More snacks for me as I lounge in the shade of my sister's boat.

What fun things do you have planned for this three-day weekend?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Does this make me a bad person?

I was driving home from work and when I turned on our block I saw one of the neighbor kids leaving my next door neighbor's house with some sort of pamphlet. I just knew she was selling something. So instead of pulling into my garage and going to get the mail on the curb as usual, I drove right past my house and all the way down the block until I thought it was safe to return home without her seeing me.

Does that make me a bad person? I hate saying "No" to people. Especially little girls with pamphlets and their cute dog on a leash. Even though I know its a ploy, the dog makes a difference and I inevitably buy some candle or coupon book to a restaurant I never eat at. So, this time I just avoided the situation all-together.

Now, cookies? That's a different story. I will always answer the door and fork over half a pay check for those insanely expensive but undeniably tasty Thin Mints. Forty dollar wrapping paper? Not so tasty. So, I ask again . Does THAT make me a bad person?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Politics for Dummies

Does anyone have this book I can borrow? Because, I apparently just don't get it.

I fully admit that I am not politically savvy in any way, but I am completely bamboozled over the point of political party conventions. Why is it necessary to spend A LOT of money to gather a bunch of people who are already in your party and are already going to vote for you to spend a week or so listening to you tell them why they should be in your party and why they should vote for you? This seems completely pointless to me.

I would much rather have the candidates spend that time to have a good ole-fashioned debate with their opponent so I can actually figure out what they stand for and who I should vote for. And while I'm making requests, I would like it to be led by Anderson Cooper. That man melts my heart like peanut butter and honey on hot toast*.

* I think pregnancy has made me start comparing people to food items. If I like you, you're probably something sweet. If you're ugly, you may be compared to my ultimate preggo aversion: a big hunk of grilled chicken. Blaach!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Let's talk about sex, BABY!

You need to have another free giveaway. It looks like we're going to be needing a lot of hair bows at our house in the near future.


I am currently enthralled in the Men's USA/Russia volleyball match. The indoor variety. It's live, so I have to watch it, right? They are trying to get to the gold medal match and win a medal for the first time since 1992. Up 2 sets to none.....

My sleep deficit has become out of hand since the Olympics began.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's all about me. (in bullets)

Due to such a long blogging hiatus, I thought it may be helpful to catch you all up on the latest with me. I've made a helpful list for you because I tend to get a little wordy (shocking! I know!) and lists help me to stay focused.

Here goes:

* Nathan started back to school on Monday and Tuesday nights. So, I'm completely open for Starbucks gatherings on those nights. hint, HINT.

* I'm going to have to get the non-fat version of anything though, because I only have one pair of pants that I can zip and still have the ability to take half-breaths.

* I'm still trying to squeeze into my regular clothes because that strap-on belly thing at Motherhood Maternity FREAKED ME OUT!!!

* I'm completely obsessed with this. And so is Jessica, thanks to me.

* I'm also completely obsessed with finding out this Friday if we will be having a boy or girl. You can put your bets in now. Topping the "hope it's a girl" list is Brooke. She's trying to live vicariously through me.

* I'm reading "The Last Lecture" for my book club. I'm so in love with my book club and all of its new members. We've had such a good time the past couple of meetings. And, get this. We actually are reading the books.

* I've also been reading the free InStyle magazines that I've been getting the past several months. They started showing up mysteriously in my mailbox and I just found out a few days ago who the culprit was. My brother is awesome.

* I went golfing recently. I only played 7 holes. I'm convinced that my hubby put some bad mojo on my favorite driver/wood/iron. I use it for everything but chipping and putting and now I can't do anything because he keeps stealing it from my golf bag.

* I heart the Olympics. I've watched it every. single. night since the opening ceremony. I also heart Aaron Peirsol. That man is pure yumminess.

* I began therapy this week. I am going to force myself to go detox one hour for every thirty minutes of The Hills I watch. Hi, my name is Liz and I'm obsessed with "Speidi" and Lauren. Oh. And I often get the urge to off Lo in her sleep.

* In trying to be prepared and to take advantage of 20% off both pieces, Nathan and I ordered the furniture for our nursery last weekend. The first lady told us 10-12 WEEKS so we thought we should go ahead and get it. But, when we ordered it, the lady told us 7-14 DAYS. Ummm, does anybody have a truck? or a storage unit for that matter?

* I am in need of a haircut and color in the most terrible way. I caught a glimpse of myself at work and the first thing that came to mind was Tim Allen in "The Shaggy Dog."

* I'm having serious issues my cat. Enid has gone berserk the past couple of weeks. If she tips her water bowl over one!more!time! I've told her she's going to be sent away. She responded by chewing the blind strings off of two windows and annoyingly licking the edge of a book on my nightstand for two hours last night.

So that's me. I know, nothing too interesting. Just trying to get back in the swing of things. Hopefully, I'll come up with some jaw-dropping, fascinating post soon.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Houston, We have a baby! aka That's the best excuse I can come up with.

Hi blog-world buddies! Did you miss us?

For all the two of you who have continually checked back here for the past couple of months, Congratulations! You're the only two who will ever see this post. All of my other "blog BFFs" have abandoned me. Some have even removed me from their blog lists (EMILY!! not to name any names). They'll be punished. No worries.

I really have no excuse for not blogging, so all I can say is I'm SORRY! This is a fresh start and I'll try to do better. Below is a post that I actually started on July 8th. I'll just leave it as is with promises to be a better blogger in the future. Missed you!!

(written July 8th and never published)...

Well, seeing as most of the rest of the free world seems to know, I thought I'd clue my Internet buddies into our little secret. Nathan and I are having a baby!! See, aren't you excited? Didn't it just make you totally forgive me for not blogging in almost a month?

I'd go into this long explanation of everything that happened this month, but I know most of you just. want. to. see. the. good. stuff. already! So I'll skip all the details about what all this month's calendar entailed and go straight for this month in pics. There's even a video of how I told Nathan that he was going to be a daddy. (okay, that still sounds really weird.)

Just a warning for future posts. Nathan's parents have officially packed up all of their belongings and are making the trek across 1/2 the country to their new home in Maine. Well, really they're returning home from their 30-year "visit" in Oklahoma. So, as they won't be here for all the Blais' Going-Ons, we've promised to keep them updated on all things Baby Blais via blog. Never say I didn't warn you.

Video of how I told Nathan I was pregnant. I title it "Are you serious?!"

Ya never know what may be waiting for you when you sink one in on the green.

We revealed our little secret to Nathan's parents during a scrabble game after a family dinner.

I made a t-shirt to sneak on Van so he could help us surprise Brooke and Derek.

By the look on his face, I think Van wanted to remain the baby of the group.

A sweet treat for coworkers was served with a side of surprise.

Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in the joy of telling my side of the family, I forgot to take any pictures. But, it was just as fun. For my mom's bday we wrapped up the BNL children's cd that she wanted and put a note on it that said: "A little something to listen to with your new grandbaby due in January." Her reaction along with everyone else was overwhelming and wonderful and I wouldn't have changed a thing.