Friday, May 23, 2008

I hope I win!

I really need a blog makeover! I want a cute one like Jessica's.

So, I suppose you could head over to and sign up to win a free blog makeover of your own, like I did. BUT if you win, you have to pay for one for me. I'm generous like that.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

You know you're old when... start getting graduation announcements in the mail and you feel obligated to send a card WITH money in it. Ugh! It was way easier when my Mom just wrote the check. Oh well, I guess one day I'll have a little graduate and we'll send out announcements requesting money too.

Graduate from the bottle, graduate from diapers, graduate from Kindergarten.... oh yeah. I could be totally down with that.

PS: Two days in a row blogger! Holla!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tell me lies...Tell me sweet little lies

I've finally recovered from waking up at 4:30 IN THE MORNING! on Saturday to take some friends to the airport for their big vaca. I wish we were going to Cali with them. But, it was totally worth getting up that early to get a good chuckle at watching how Brooke wakes Van up in the morning. Army barracks style comes to mind. But, it was pretty funny. Plus, it makes me very anxious to be able to see how I will wake up our little one of these days. I imagine it will probably be a little more subdued than screaming "Wake Up Jelly Bean!!!"

It was also worth getting up that early to head to WalMart before the weekend rush to look for a new 3-wood to try and improve my golf game. Now, I'm kinda new at the whole hit-a-tiny-ball in-the-small-hole-whole-way-far-away-that-you-can't-even-see thing, but I am starting to see how you can get hooked.

Nathan, John and I showed off our mad skillz in a round a couple weekends ago and I didn't do too too bad. For me, I would say I did pretty darn good. Especially when I out-drove Nathan on two holes and John on one. (They both love when I tell that story at any opportunity.) But, I realized that both times my tee-shot surpassed the "experts," were the times that John (Anderson not Daly; although he thinks otherwise) let me use a couple of his clubs instead of the 9.75 lb mammoth driver that Nathan didn't even want anymore. They don't call it "The Killer Whale" for nothin'. That thing weighs as much as a whale and it will kill your game. And Lord knows I don't need any help to do that.

So, after dropping of the Adcox gang, we went and bought a new Tight Lies 3-wood at WalMart. Score!! It was a $69 club on clearance for $17 bucks. I tested it out at the range and I must say, I AM AWESOME!! I'm pretty sure Nathan was making me use that whale club because he was afraid I was going to start being a better golfer than he is. I guess only time will tell.

I'll get another shot at him when we head to Chickasaw Point near Lake Texoma this weekend for a match with my sister and bro-in-law. Should be fun times. We have to find something fun to do since all of our friends are on the beach or going on cruises and crap like that. Whatever! I have a new 3-wood to go in my super sweet golf bag. It's all about the accessories, ladies.

P.S. I would like to be referred to as Annika from now on. Thank you.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shameless Biased One-Sided Album Review

As Liz mentioned in her previous post, the Barenaked Ladies have recently released their 12th studio album. This time they decided to give a children's CD a try, and it is titled Snacktime! Liz and I weren't overly excited about the release. I mean, of course we were going to buy it, but it was going to be geared towards kids. How much would us grown-ups enjoy it?

Answer: The CD has been playing constantly since last Thursday. BNL has managed to write a children's album that adults can listen to without pulling their hair out. In fact, the CD is full of moments that only those of us who grew up in the 70's and 80's could truly enjoy. I realize Liz and I are hardcore fans, but if you have children and enjoy melodic and harmonious pop, I promise that you AND your children will have a great time listening to this CD. There are a couple of tracks that I don't care for, such as Allergies and Vegetable Town, but other than that this album is a gem. I can't believe I am saying this, but this album displays the purest form of BNL since their debut album, Gordon, back in 1992. How many bands can say that?

OK, so judge for yourself. I have included links to my favorite tracks listed on AOL Music. The audio quality isn't the best, but you'll get the jist.

Pollywog in a Bog:
-If you don't bop your head and smile to this song, then you're just in a bad mood.

-How can you combine Speed Racer, Queen, and a Church Choir? Listen to find out.

A Word For That:
-Pure BNL.....plain and simple.

Louis Loon:
-A great original children's song. This will definitely be played for our baby.....someday.

P.S......Just noticed that BNL is #2 on the children's music chart, behind Hannah Montana. Didn't think I'd be saying that a few years ago!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm taking volunteers...

To follow me around and write about my life after I've lived it.

Hi Blog readers! Did you miss me? I'd like to say that my heart was aching the almost month I went without blogging, but honestly it was a great break. The only downfall was the unending guilt I felt with not keeping you updated on the most fascinating details of the Blais' household. I mean, I know how important it is to keep you updated on pictures of Enid looking out the window or what sort of jelly I had on my biscuit at Jimmy's Egg. Good Gosh! Those suckers are tasty.

Partially, I blame Nathan for tying up the computer most every night while finishing (okay, starting) his school projects and getting ready for finals week. The truth is, Nathan and I have been pretty busy with various things and I just haven't had the energy to come home and type all of it out. Seems like every week night and weekend has been crammed with a visit to a friend, breezing through my book club book by deadline, visiting with family, planning other visits with family, finding a reunion dress, and blah blah blah.

Things I'm currently addicted to other than blogging (obviously):

1. Frozen grapes. Holy freakin' Toledo! Where have these been all my life? If you've talked to me in the past week, you know I'm truly hooked (obsessed, whatever) on this healthy treat.

2. Snacktime! In more ways than one. It's only fitting that the new BNL cd that's playing in our house all the time is titled with my favorite time of day (see #1). It's okay to own and memorize every word to a children's cd when you technically don't have children, right? I mean, how old could Enid be in cat years? 10? Seriously.

3. Checking my mailbox for this. It's like fabulousness, only in a smaller size. Why did God have to make me have such great taste with such a small wallet?

4. Clinique's eye makeup remover. That stuff is like a Magic Eraser for your eyes. Now, if it would just come with a nice buff bald guy in my bathroom...