Monday, October 29, 2007

Take a Bath....Showers are Overrated

I was working to fix the shower in our master bath this past Saturday while Liz was watching Van. The plan was to spend a couple of hours changing out a part so that we could actually shut off the water without using a screwdriver, then help put up a new fence at Brooke and Derek's house. If you think the screwdriver line was funny, read on. The following is a humorous example of why I am not the person to consult on your next DIY home improvement project.

9:45AM- Turn off water at curb. This is fun!

10:00AM- Remove handle and screws from metal plate. Yes! This will be a breeze!

10:15AM- Try to remove metal clip holding the part I need to change. The needlenose pliers I am using are starting to leave indentations on my palms.

10:30AM- Wow, hard water deposits are a pain. Let's see if the Moen helpline has any suggestions for getting this clip out.

10:45AM- Half-vinegar and half-water doesn't work. Thanks a lot Moen helpline.

11:00AM- Call Jim. Oops, he's duck hunting, but is nice enough to suggest WD-40 or liquid wrench.

11:30AM- Home Depot. Liquid wrench. Now we're good!

NOON- I have tried to remove the stupid clip so many times now that it is beginning to disintegrate. Which gives me a good idea. How about just breaking the darn thing?

12:30PM- Breaking the clip was fun, but now requires a trip to ACE for a replacement.

1:00PM- Now all that is needed is to get the part out and replace it. Just pull it out with pliers. Pull. PULL. PULL!!!!!

1:15PM- My back hurts. I lay on the floor for a few minutes and stare at the ceiling.

1:30PM- I really don't want to spend $15 for a tool to remove the old part, but also don't want to break a plumbing line. Another trip to ACE to buy the tool.

2:00PM- I am hungry. Crispy chicken sandwich from McDonald's. Mmmmmmm.

2:30PM- Part removal tool..........$15...........thoughts going through my head when the old part that comes out looks nothing like the one I bought to replace it........PRICELESS.

3:00PM- Lowe's. Another part. Maybe this part will shrink by the time I get home, because I don't think it is going to fit either.

4:00PM- Store lights only affect paint color, not part size apparently. This one doesn't fit either. And no, pushing harder to get it to fit doesn't work.

4:30PM- Turn the water back on so Liz can go to the bathroom. Hehe.

5:00PM- See Van for 15 minutes before his loving parents pick him up.

I get to go to Locke Supply on Tuesday to try and find the right part to fix the now dripping shower. Needless to say, we WILL be shelling out the money to have someone tile our kitchen floor and backsplash. Apparently, the DIY genes that my uncles have (a few have even built their own houses) did not get translated over to my DNA. Oh well.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Committed Switch-over/Abandoned Intuition

Today was the day. I just had to do it. I woke up and it was absolutely frigid in my house. So I had to take the leap. I had to graduate into fall clothes versus my summer attire. Seemingly no big deal, but it's a HUGE deal in the life of a Weight Watcher. This was the week I had to trade my lightweight gauchos in for a pair of beefy jeans before my morning weigh in.

Oh the drama! What will the scale say?! Well it only said a gain of .2 lbs. Thank the Lord! I knew this wasn't a great week for me anyway. I didn't exercise once. And I'm pretty sure the chili cook-off at work and Johnny Carinos all in the same day before weigh-in didn't help my cause. But, I figured, I have to commit to the switchover sometime. Maybe, if I had given up pre-meal bread like Jess, I would have showed a maintain instead of a fraction gain. Nah. It was worth it. Man, I love bread.

But, I figured I have to commit to the switch-over sometime. It's not like I can go all winter wearing breezy gauchos every Saturday. For one, I'll freeze. But the real reason: I just don't want to have to keep up with my summer leg-shaving schedule all year long. Let's be realistic, it's winter. It's cold. I'm white as can be and there is absolutely NO reason for me to wear anything short anyway. As long as I'm not too furry for my husband to stand me, I'm good right? I do the test. If I start to feel a little too much like the cat, then I shave.

Don't judge me! I know I'm not the only one. I've had many a conversations with friends revolving around changing an outfit depending on whether a "ladies" arm-pits would be visible or not. So there. I know I'm not the only one.

Here's the latest Bladcoxerson Weight Loss Contest update for those curious:

Weight loss since the contest started: 14.4 lbs. for 4.6% Fear Me!
Total weight loss since starting W.W : 37.2 lbs for 11.2%

Side note: My WW meeting homework for this week is that I have to do some sort of activity/exercise this week that I've never done before. Any ideas of what I can do? Anybody want to try something new with me? Anybody...Anybody...Bueller...Bueller...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ya'll Need a Job?

John got on an immigration soapbox recently, so I thought I would offer an opinion on an article that I ran across on the Yahoo! homepage last week. The article listed Forbes' Top Ten Cities for Jobs. Much to my surprise, Tulsa and OKC cracked the top ten for the first time, with Tulsa coming in at #6 and OKC coming in at #10. OKC ranked #4 for income growth, which was one of the main reasons for being in the top ten. I was proud of my hometown, so I went through the pictures link in the middle of the page. Each city I passed, including Salt Lake City, Raleigh, Phoenix and Jacksonville had a picture of a modern skyline. Urban setting. Substantial infrastructure. You get the picture. Even Tulsa and Wichita had respectable pictures. Then OKC's picture.

Let me first preface by saying that the bombing memorial is a beautiful and poignant place. I have been there and can understand why it is our #1 tourist attraction. However, the picture used in the article is the worst picture of the memorial I have ever seen. If you have never been you would probably have no way of knowing that the picture is from there. I found this picture in 2 seconds. Why not incorporate the chairs in the photograph?

For the people that have no idea that the picture is of the memorial, it perpetuates the image of OKC being a cow town. No skyline. No urban district. For a few others it probably reinforces the notion that our city is only known for it's disasters. When people think of Miami, do they just think of hurricanes? I would have preferred a picture of Bricktown, the canal, OUR skyline, or even the Cowboy Hall of Fame over the one that was presented. I hope we continue to host Big 12 Tournaments and can get the Sonics to come. The only way to change the city's image is to get people to visit and see for themselves.

Let me know what you think......agree or disagree with me about the picture?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grover Goes To Neosho

"Sunny days had swept the clouds away, and we were all on our way to where the air was sweet." Well, at least where the cake was anyway. Last weekend, the Bladcox Gang loaded up and headed to Neosho,MO for our friend Charly's wedding. What seemed like an innocent ride in a car seat, turned a little risque for a blue stuffed toy. According to our good friend, Grover, "What happens in Neosho...stays in Neosho!"
And so the party began...

Grover "Gets His Freak On" with Missy Elliott before the wedding.

"Hey, Grover is mine!"

The Bride and Groom aren't the only ones taking family pics at the reception.
Maybe one day our baby won't be blue. I'm hoping for pink instead. Hmmm... Did someone say Cake?

All that cake has made Grover thirsty. Brewsky anyone?
Once the keg was tapped out, Grover made friends with good 'ole Andre. French for YUMMY!
A quick pic post-reception before Fourth Meal at "The Bell".**** Note to self: Take pics before hitting the champagne with the G-meister.
Congratulations Charly! We love ya girl.

On his way back to the hotel after the reception, Grover decided to stop in at Wyandotte's Famous Turtle Stop. Not only does it offer the finest fried burritos and caffeinated drinks galore, it was also The Bride's workplace before moving to the BIG CITY.
Mr. Suave that he is, and still livin' it large from his reception binge, Grover flirts with the cashier to get a peek behind the counter. I'm pretty sure he used his favorite line, "Hey Baby, wanna be with something warm, fuzzy, and blue all over?"
After conning his way behind the counter, Grover grabbed some quick cash out of the register and headed to the Turtle Stop Casino next door. He bet all he had ($1) on one round of the slots. With no return, Grover headed back to the hotel to crash.
After all the drinking and gambling, Grover wasn't feeling so well.
"Ugh, Big Bird has always warned me, 'Beer before liquor, never been sicker.'"After a long sick night, Grover has some coffee and aspirin at the continental buffet. He had to pass on the waffles and biscuits and gravy. Feeling better though, Grover stopped off on his way back to his home state for a quick pic.
Needing a little something in his tummy for the rest of the day, Grover stopped at the former largest McDonald's in the world, the Glasshouse in Vinita. Grover loves him some McD. Southwest Chicken Salad. He feels lucky that he lives in one of the only two states that still offers them.

After lunch, Grover needed a little recoup time. So he slept off his hangover in the van while the rest of his traveling buddies roamed around Utica Square for a non-purchasing shopping spree.A good time was had by all, including Grover. Stay tuned in the future for Grover's next adventures. Grover and his friend, Fraggle, may have to take a little trip to Vegas.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trust and Truthiness in '08

Finally, a candidate I can get behind...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WHAT is wrong with this picture?

WHAT is wrong with this picture? I'll tell you what! My HOT weather guy is NOT in it!! It's official. My Aaron Tuttle has left the Channel 5 family and gone away to make a new set of viewers swoon. He left without even saying goodbye.

I am definitely calling THOSE people to voice my disdain. This is unacceptable. Whatever he wanted - they should have given him. His every whim should have been their next move. I am definitely tuning-in elsewhere to the next cutest weather-man on my list until I find where my number 1 has landed. Goodbye A.T.! I will miss you and all of your anti-global warming banter.

Everything AND The Kitchen Sink

Miss us? Shame on us and our non-blogging for over a week. I do have a good excuse. Fall TV. It's not really a good excuse since in my previous post I mentioned bringing a wonderful DVR into our home. It IS operational and I love it. The whole pausing feature is awesome for evening phone calls from telemarketers since Nathan and I are not totally high tech with a caller - ID. Baby steps.

No, my real excuse is the remodeling of our kitchen. That sounds awfully dramatic seeing as our kitchen is fully functional and unfortunately has not allowed me to get out of cooking dinner. We're actually just in the planning phase of our remodel. It started out as me getting very excited about getting new counter tops. That quickly diminished when it was determined that with new counter tops, comes a new tile back splash. With a new back splash, comes a matching tile floor.

Nathan and I have visited most every tile place in the OKC Metro searching for what I thought would look good; only to end with another color selection that could have been picked out at place number 1 that we started shopping. Live and learn I guess. After the tile selection came the tile contractor selection. Wow! Lemme tell you how enthralling THAT is. Multiple calls and three on-site estimates later, I've determined to suck it up and see what my husband and his side-kick can accomplish without making me just want to pack-up and move.

The contractors did fill us in on some other points to consider during their visits several evenings after work. We not only needed to pick yet another tile and tile design, but we needed to go ahead and pick out a new microwave, dishwasher, sink, and faucet. Sounds fun right? I can see how it would be if you and your husband hadn't worked retail for five years and know how to work the system to find the best deal. While saving a few bucks is always important in the Blais' household, it's consumed every evening and my laptop for a week.

My only saving grace for an end to this madness is that Nathan wants to "hurry up and buy everything Tuesday night." Yes! He wants to put this to an end because he sees that it's stressing me out and I just want a new kitchen already. NO!! The REAL reason slips with a "We're under a moderate risk for severe weather on Wednesday evening." How did my life end up this way?

You should feel sorry for me and pardon my blogger-apathy. I promise I'll make it up to you with lots of pictures about what else we were up to this past weekend. I'll give you a hint. It involves a blue baby's toy and five nimrods in a van crossing the state line. You won't want to miss it!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

New To The Family

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of our new family members:
1. I-pod Sports Arm Band

This thing is awesome! It was definitely needed since I can no longer hold my i-pod in between my waist and workout pant's elastic. AH! Buy new workout pants you say? Nah. This makes me look like a real power-walker. It will look even cooler when I can actually wear it on the intended upper arm without cutting off the circulation to my right hand. "One size fits all." Whatever!
2. DVR

Yes folks! You saw it here. We finally broke down and got a DVR. After perusing the online TV Guide, I finally convinced Nathan that if he ever wanted to see me this fall, we would have to get one. As you can see, EVERYONE in the family is excited about our new addition. Now, I just have to figure out how to set it up.

A few of my for sures on the line up: MTV's The Hills (I hang my head in shame), Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Dancing with the Stars (again, head hanging), and against my will: the Weather Channel's Storm Stories and MEGA Disasters. Fill me in on what I need to add!

3. New Jeans - IN A SMALLER SIZE!

Bragging? Heck yeah! I make these jeans look gooood.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Walk From Obesity Take 2 (2 long that is)

As mentioned in a previous post, Nathan and I signed up to participate in Oklahoma City's first Walk from Obesity. Together with some friends and family, Nathan and I walked around the OKC Zoo (pachyderms and wild cats to be exact) on Saturday morning. I personally had a lot of fun even though it was not that long of a walk. They had a live band and about 75 to 100 walkers. Most of the people were those who had lost weight and their families.

The Blais Belly Busters were in full force with our matching t-shirts. I thought it was funny that the walk was set up much like a marathon. There was a water stop about half way through and when you finished, they offered water and orange slices. I was a little disappointed I didn't receive one of those cool aluminum foil blankets to keep all of my body heat in after my short jaunt, but I guess I will just have to actually RUN a marathon to get one of those. Seeing as that will probably NEVER happen, maybe I can just make my own out of some Reynold's wrap. I could sport it around the house when I get home from walking in the evenings. Sexy!

It was so encouraging to have people around me that I know support me in my battle. I felt so empowered that I have come this far and have no intention of stopping now. It's like a whole new ME! I've never really been this successful at losing weight and keeping to it. It really has become a lifestyle change for me, not just a fad diet. Walking this weekend made me realize that this was a long term fight for my health and for the relationships in my life that are important to me.

As promised, I want to do a few Thank Yous to everyone who supported me. I really appreciate everyone who registered and donated to walk with us and I also appreciate those who gave us my favorite gift of all: M-O-N-E-Y! I want you to know that each and every one of you really showed me how much you care. Hopefully, I'll be able to repay you for the wonderful gift you've given me.


Mom: Thank you for encouraging me week after week. Your dedication to your own battle from obesity is so inspiring.

Sue: Your presence at the walk was heart-warming. Knowing that you stand behind me try after try is encouraging. I know that you don't HAVE to be the way you are... you just are. I'm so lucky to have a mother in-law who loves me so much.

Brooke and Derek:
What can I say about the two of you? Your friendship has been such a blessing to our lives. I can't imagine any big event without you being a part of it. Friends like you are a once in a lifetime gift that Nathan and I will never take for granted. Thank you for all of your support in the walk, in my weight loss journey, and in our everyday lives. Nathan and I love you guys more than I can type out.

Van: First of all, you are too cute! You make me want to snuggle with you everyday. You are so lucky to have the parents that you do. Thank you for getting up early and sitting in your walking-briskly-stroller even though crazy Ms. Jacqui was pushing you in circles.

My Husband: I love you so so much. I know that seeing me fail in the past over and over has not been easy for you. I know that you could have given up on me many times when I've told you, "No really, I mean it this time." Thank you for believing in me this ONE LAST TIME. Your unconditional love goes unmatched. I know that you are proud, you tell me everyday. But, what I want you to know is that I am so proud to call you my husband. I am definitely the lucky one. I love you so.

I want to also thank all of my friends and family that so unselfishly gave to my cause:

Jessica and John: Wow! This past couple of years has been so great. Getting to have you join my list of people I love has definitely been MY pleasure. Nathan and I feel so lucky to have the both of you as friends. Thank you so much for encouraging me; except for John and all of his "1 point foods."

Julia: Thank You ! Thank You! Thank You! Your donation meant so much. I know we don't know each other that well, but your support was overwhelming. My biggest donor! You have such a beautiful heart to go along with your beautiful smile (and hair, I'm always jealous of your hair).

My Weight Watcher Work Buddy! Say that 5 times fast! Everyday is so much easier knowing that I have you to confide in. Thank you for joining me on this journey. It truly has made a huge difference in my success. I am so happy that you are reaching your goals. You deserve exactly what you give to others: the very best!

You always keep me laughing. Thank you for supporting me. I know it must be tiresome listening to Missy and I day after day. Thanks for putting up with us.

Sandie: Bet you didn't think you'd actually read about yourself on my blog. Well, here you are. Thank you for your donation and also for the uplifting comments at work. It is a great boost to know that others notice my hard work.

Jane and Jim: You guys are the greatest! Thank you for thinking of me. I always know that I have the two of you to count on. You both are such fantastic role models for Nathan and myself. We love you guys so so much.

Brandon: We miss you! It's hard having you so far away. It was such a great surprise to see your name on my honor roll. I'm honored that you thought of me and so thankful to have such a loving brother-in-law.

And just in case you're wondering: Bladcoxerson WW Contest Update #3 : -1.4 lbs. this week to make 2.96% since the beginning of the contest. That dang Brooke is keeping me on my toes.