Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So Guthrie was nice...

A little insight to my Tuesday evening.

Here's what I expected: To take my grumpy husband on a 25 or so minute walk to get him to cheer up and talk about his new job and our plans for the weekend. Then come home and fix a nice low-fat tuna casserole.

Here's what I got: A 10 minute walk with one word answers and then 15 minutes of limping home from stupid shin splints. Then a nice glance of my flowers while my husband tried to unlock the front door.

And then I got this: The look. The look of "ummm I brought my keys, but the house key is not with the others because we let the house-sitters borrow them a month before and I never thought to ask for them back; and I just started to lock the inside door in the garage this past week for no reason! even though we never have done it for a year and half that we lived here" look.

Then this happened: The back-up key holders (my sis and bro-in-law) were called and then visited 12 minutes later to pick up the key. We had to go an extra mile north to get there because some of the roads were flooded. After a little visit and a beer, we're off to go back home and grab a quick fend-for-yourself-dinner. Everything was good until we came upon a nice gushing river on our main road home. No biggie! We'll just go one more mile north.

...and then one more mile north...
...and then another...
...and another...

Until we end up in good 'ol Guthrie. Yes! Guthrie. 16 miles north of where we live. So then we "tour" all of Guthrie until we reach the highway on the other side and get to drive all 16 miles back south to where we actually started at 6pm. All this for one measly walk around the neighborhood to get my husband out of a funk. Next time I'll just chain him to the treadmill INSIDE THE HOUSE and turn 'er on high.

Oh well. Bran flakes at 10:45 pm make a good dinner.
Better ending to the day than the possum's that we hit somewhere along the way.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Am I the only one...

1. who thinks that a score of 160 on my second time on the golf course isn't too shabby? Apparently, you can equip a girl up with a fantastic Louis Vuitton look-a-like golf bag complete with side ball drop, new clearance Callaway saddle shoes (to match the bag of course) and fuchsia breast cancer ball (lost in the water, btw), and she's still just a second-timer who lets the few pro shots see her through the frequent bad ones. Ehh, there were good snacks on the cart.

2. who is completely enamored with a show about Opilio Crab fishing?
I know I'm a reality show junkie, but this show is different. I have nothing in common with these guys making an instant $30,000+ in a three week trip, but yet, I'm addicted. I root for the greenhorn who's trying to earn his jacket. I pray that the team can pull their string up before the ice pack sets south on top of them. I track the Yellow-Book Crab Count for each of the boats and secretly cheer when my fave one, the Northwestern, is ahead of the others. The Bering Sea has never been so interesting. Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch has lured in me in. Although, I'm not too sure if cod fish is really my first-choice to munch on.

3. who can get a sunburn while wearing 45+ sunblock?
How about with sunblock, AND a hat, AND in complete overcast?! Don't worry. My lobster rouge is fading and my glow-in-the dark white status will return by the weekend.

4. who just HAD to put on their wedding dress on their 2-year anniversary?
Yeah - I didn't think I was alone! And because I know you're curious, Yes! I did do the veil too. It was particularly cute when paired with black flip flops.

5. who can't figure up the Weight Watcher points for a City Bites Cookie?

6. who thinks no matter how many points, they're worth it?
I just went with 12 to cover it. If you know the exact amount, and it's lower, tell me. If it's higher, just keep me out of the loop.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Whatever You Make...It's NOT Enough

An ode to my friendly neighborhood OG+E man:

Through the rain and into the night
You come to the rescue with your big noisy truck with strobing red light
Your yellow slicker, your hard hat on top
Wandering flashlight up and down the block
I peek out the window at five in the morning
Watching, scanning, waiting, neh longing.

Leftover rain, the wind, the dark
Suddenly! It happens! Your skill, your spark
I love you OG+E man, you are the best
I'll pay you whatever, anything you request

I love my lights. I love my air conditioning. I love my clothes dryer. I love my TV. I love my Internet. More importantly - I love you my OG+E man.

TOGEther we CAN make a difference.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jon pokes Gary

You know the local TV weather coverage has gone berserk when Jon Stewart pokes fun at it. Funny thing is, the commercial is trying to portray the fact that Gary England is calm during a's the commercial itself that is overly dramatic.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Although Nathan and I haven't seen the latest release from one of the funniest guys on the planet, Steve Carell, I'm beginning to think that we may need to take notice from the ad clips and start building our own ark. This rain is ridiculous! I know...I know... it's good for the grass and makes for such fascinating evening television at our house, but seriously. This has got to stop.
Without my normal alarm clock stomping on my stomach and shaking her head in the lampshade because she's busy seeking shelter in the dark closet under the shoe-rack, my normal morning routine is all in shambles. Not to mention the wonderfulness that is getting out of the shower right when the power goes out. Oh no big deal... just put the sopping wet hair in a pony-tail, help your husband lift the garage door to get the car out, oh and run to the clothes dryer to try and salvage anything clean that is still damp and cannot be ironed.
Yeah that was F-U-N! Lemme tell ya.

Just stop raining already! Sheesh! I'm TRYING to learn to play golf. And I don't... DO... golf in the rain. Or without a cart and snacks for that matter. But, that's another blog, some other day when I may actually get to go.

And for all of those reading this right now, take mercy on me. I'm just a beginner blogger and am still not convinced I'm interesting enough to pull this off. But I've caved into peer pressure from some friends that tell me "Everyone's doin' it!". So we'll see how it goes. If it doesn't fare well, blame these girls on their blogs here and here. (Be impressed! I just did a link!) (Be NOT impressed! I was not an English major. Deal with it.)