Saturday, May 9, 2009

Look who's 4 months old!

We're due for shots next week, so we'll have to get exact stats then, but a quick sick visit for a terrible cough revealed that Ms. Anna Jane is 16 lbs. And judging by the complete bypass of 6 month sleepers to 9 month sleepers due to poking toes, I'm guessing she is still in the 100th+ percentile for length. ***Adding for my own record: Anna was 27 inches at her 4 month check-up putting her above the 100th percentile for height, about 95% for weight and 50% percentile for head circumference.

A few 4 month stats before I go to bed:

Formula: 6 oz (Next week will probably be the start of cereal. And not the Raisin Bran kind)

Watching TV. (I'm serious y'all. It could be a problem how much this girl likes sports and weather radars)
Pooping at restaurants. (Especially ones without changing tables in the men's room.)
The "Sprinkler" on the changing table with Daddy.
The jumperoo.

The nasal aspirator. (Holy Cow! You'd think the world was coming to an end.)
Tummy Time. (We may never crawl.)
Grabbing for toys like ALL of the other babies in daycare. (sigh...)
Getting her hair washed.

Anna Jane's month has been cram-packed with lots of activities, visitors, and a non-stop stuffy nose. I'm actually looking forward to a slower pace with Nathan out of school for a couple of weeks and things not as busy at my work. Maybe it will make for more family time and the return of evening book time and lazy Saturday mornings playing and smiling in bed. And maybe, just maybe, more blogging. But I make no promises. I know I've been lacking in the blogging department, but I only get 2 1/2 hours most days with my little girl and I really prefer to spend it with HER in my lap and not the computer.

A few more pics from her 4 month bday: