Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

As promised...

I never really understood why people were so interested in knowing their child's height/weight percentages and I especially never understood why people wanted to know other people's children's percentages. Until now. Now, I totally get it. So, as promised, here are Anna's two month stats:

Head circumference: 39 cm (50th%)
Weight: 13lbs 3 oz (95th%)
Height: 25 1/4 inches (100th%) (Nathan has already contacted Sherri Coale.)

The immunizations went well. Although, I'm pretty sure patients in some doctor's office in Sacramento heard the screaming. But, a few minutes later we were all smiles again. Now she's sleeping it all off in her car seat. I suppose I could take her out of it, but Momma needs a little DVR time. Shut up. Don't judge me.

So, here's to big babies and lots of regular pants looking like capris. We're hoping the off the chart percentages will continue in the future once Anna is old enough for report cards and standardized testing. No pressure.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Anna is 2 months old!

Today marks my baby's two month Bday. It's hard to believe it's been that long already. She's changed so much within the past couple of weeks. She's awake more and has just started to smile and laugh at Nathan, her Nana and me. It melts my heart every time she starts to babble away. The living room ceiling fan steals most of her giggles though.

Tomorrow we go in for her two-month checkup and the first round of shots. I asked Nathan to go in with me as backup for a scream-fest. We love our pediatrician, though. So, I'm sure all will go well. It seems everyone always wants to know her stats, so we'll post 'em ASAP. I'm gonna guess we've reached the 14lb mark. At least that's what my sore back is gonna guess.

Anna's two-month highlights:

Formula: 4-5 oz
Likes: CEILING FANS!!, eating/pooping at 3am and again at 5am (mommy's shifts of course), Ocean Wonders Aquarium at bedtime.
Dislikes: Target (She definitely takes after Nathan), bath time, keeping the paci in her mouth.
Favorite Songs: Good Morning Song and Skip to my Lou.
Favorite Books: Animal Kisses and Noisy Kisses.

A few more pics from the last couple of weeks:

"That J-Lo ain't got nothin' on me"

"I think Mom spent more on my bow than my dress."

"My cuteness: often imitated, never duplicated."

"Want a Caramel Macchiato? C'mon over to meet Aunt Jane and I at SB."

"Whaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I want to see my fan!!!""Oh, there it is."

"My cousin likes to pretend he's a gangsta. I like to pretend I'm looking at the camera when I'm really staring at the fan. Again."