Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bladcoxerson WW Contest Week 2 Results

If inquiring minds want to know, I'm just letting Brooke think that she's winning our little reverse New Year's weight loss contest. Just because I haven't posted, doesn't mean I'm not losing. I'm spending too much time losing weight to be able to post. Yeah that's it!

I do need to kick it into gear though. I have a feeling this may be a stiffer competition than originally expected. Since we're doing it the fair way, everything is based off the percentage of weight loss, not just the number of shed pounds. For me, this kinda sucks. I figure I have to lose at very minimum twice the amount she does. Being fair stinks.

Speaking of Fair, I didn't go this year. I don't really like to spend money on games and I don't "do" fair rides. The best thing about the fair is the food; which is exactly why I didn't go. If I want to lose weight for the week, I KNOW that I can't go over my points even for ONE day. So no corn dogs or Indian tacos for Liz. Sad isn't it. I heard they had wine slushies there this year. I'm sorry, but wine in the form of frozen yumminess is just too much for me to resist.

Our other silent competitor, John, is doing good too. He's taking the sneaky ninja approach to the contest. He likes to call on Tuesday nights and pretend to talk to Nathan, while we both know he's calling to report his weigh-in results. I'm on to him!

I'm so proud to be in this group of friends. Contest aside, it's important to me that we all be healthy and help each other together. In the long run, after I spend my fifty-dollar prize, I will be able to enjoy their company for a long, healthy life. And have a trophy. I like trophies.

My results for week 2 of the contest: 7.8 lbs. lost for a total of 2.5%

My results since beginning WW: 30.6 lbs. lost for a total of 9.2%


Jessica said...

30 pounds total? 30? That is AMAZING!

I can't believe how dedicated you are. We skipped on the fair because John thought the same thing you did--didn't want to tempt himself with the fair food.

I was pretty bummed because I'm so weak. I wanted to eat fair food, no matter the consequence at weigh-in.

Guess that's why I married someone so much stronger than me (haha!). And, as my thanks, I was down .8 pounds on Tuesday for a total of 3 pounds in three weeks.

Elizabeth said...

That's awesome. Maybe you're actually the sneaky competitor. Hmmm...I'm going home to walk now. I don't trust my "friends." : )

Julia said...

You've lost 30 pounds?! Liz, that's awesome! Congrats, man! I wish I had your willpower!